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Follow all of the discord TOS here: https://discord.com/terms

No - NSFW Content outside of #💬NSFW channels No - Spamming or Flooding the chat Do not DM Advertise (Against TOS) For any bot commands, use the #💬bot-commands channel No - Offending any member or staff! No - Evading bans! No - Outside links No - Talking about anything besides HyperSky's unless in the #💬off-topic No - Talking about anything about gore or NSFW content outside of #💬NSFW Use common sense

For any questions contact McDonald's#0001 on discord

about 1 month ago

NO Team Griefing

NO Using cheats or something that will give you an unfair advantage

NO Abusing exploits to your advantage

NO No ban evading

NO No swearing or doing anything toxic

NO No breaking spawn or doing and glitches to break the map

NO No cross teaming

NO No false reporting users for no reason


Contact McDonald's#0001 on discord for any questions or issues,

about 1 month ago



To apply for developer click that link, you will be redirected to a google forums page and fill out the forum to have a chance at being accepted please use grammar, and also you must have 2+ years experience in java development!

- HyperSkys -

about 1 month ago

This is videos created by Youtubers who have the role normal members will not be able to post please apply for youtube rank if you'd like to post here on your content!

about 1 month ago

Use this forum to Introduce yourself to the community maybe list what sport you play or anything above that you'd like to share to the HyperSky's Network community!

Anything else will be removed and you'll receive a warning point!

about 1 month ago